Starlite Laser specializes in pain-free experience for hair removal services. Laser Diode, technology being delivered by Soprano Laser machine producing a pain-free, hair-free experience.
At starlite we strive to provide a clinical setting that meets the standards of medical setting with a comfort of a patient care in mind.
The clinic also provides soft-tissue massage therapy, stone massage, Acupuncture, and individualized weight loss exercise programs.
Imagine a life free of unwanted hair. No more waxing, shaving or plucking! Starlite laser makes this dream a reality. At our clinic, you receive friendly and private sessions to discuss your needs with our friendly staff ready to server you. We offer a range of laser treatments including the revolutionary Soprano XL with brand new technology that allows to treat all skin types.

Free skin assessment:
At Starlite laser, we believe in looking after every aspect of your skin to achieve maximum results from your treatments and as part of our thorough free consultation, our experienced friendly technician will carry out an exclusive skin assessment program to reveal the best treatment parameters for you and give you the professional advise to achieve maximum results.

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